Therese Bolliger

100 propositions, Christie Contemporary, Toronto, 2019

100 propositions, 29 March to 4 May 2019, Christie Contemporary, Toronto

works presented
almost/not quite/perhaps , (100 propositions),  ink jet on paper,  8” x 11”  each
Untitled Series, 2009 - present  ink, graphite on paper,  

almost/not quite/perhaps, a text-based work, comprises  one hundred propositions  in configurations of three words each. These word-clusters form the basis for an intricately linked thought-process. Reduced and concise in form, the series reveals its complexity over time. The words derive from different fields of knowledge, including science (constellation/ firmament/infinity), philosophy (proposition/ argument/ discourse) and semiotics (conundrum/ paradox/thesis) providing a framework for entering an intense consideration of constructs of time, duration and space.