Therese Bolliger

Volatile Body/Volatile Language, Cold City, Toronto and studio Silvia Baechli and Eric Hattan, Basel, Switzerland 1997, ARCO Madrid,  Cutting Edge, 1998

Volatile Body / Volatile Language represents an attempt to rethink the body beyond the mind/body dualism of Western culture, and a wish to integrate the mind – the site of consciousness and language - within a multifaceted, transparent body whose boundaries are shifting as the insides have become accessible through new technologies. Body and language, two aspects central to the construction of identity, are both represented as multivalent and ambiguous, an acknowledgement that neither are ever stable or complete. Words pointing to this instability are placed next to images of  body parts and representations of illnesses which might endanger both body and mind. The horrific thus appears  in the guise of beauty, the visually seductive turning out to be threatening.