Therese Bolliger

Correspondences; Meret Oppenheim, Cold City, Toronto, 1996 and Art Gallery of Hamilton, in the context of the exhibition  Mask and Metamorphosis, 2002

Correspondences, 1996;  180” x 108” x 10”, screening material and metal brackets

Correspondences (Meret), a wall-dependent work in two parts, draws  the viewer into a dialogue among three voices, represented through the Swiss artist Meret Oppenheim’s own writing and the writings on the artist’s work by two critics, Christiane Meyer-Thoss and Jean –Christophe Ammann. This juxtaposition reveals commonalities between the artist’s literary language and the languages used by the two critics, the receivers of the works. These correspondences make visible the subtle differences created in the construction through language, of a work which is placed into a space embracing both artist and viewer. (Installations at Cold City, Toronto and Art Gallery of Hamilton)