Therese Bolliger

ellipsis, Koffler Gallery, Toronto and Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester, NY, 1999

ellipsis, 7 January to 21 February 1999, Koffler Gallery, Toronto

Hartnett Gallery, University of Rochester, NY, 1999

Works presented
Noble Language / Vulgar Tongues, 1999,  red pigment on paper
Simultan, 1999,   19 elements, screening material  (sizes variable)

Therese Bolliger, David Merritt, Sylvia Ptak

Simultan, a wall dependent work, consists of nineteen elements made of screening material, each acting as a carrier of a term associated with concepts of time. Distinct contexts linked with each language fragment locate descriptions of time within literature, theoretical discourse, science the vernacular or philosophy. Words containing references to two or more  points in time become a framework within which viewers might glimpse allusions to events which become meaningful through their linkage in time, through a viewer’s aswareness that seemingly random occurrences are related through distinct structures associated with specific temporal constructs.