Therese Bolliger

Dressing Hair and Wounds, 1994, Oakville Galleries  and  Kamloops  Art Gallery, BC in the context of the exhibition Construction Sites: Identity and Place , 2010

Dressing Hair and Wounds, 1994, Burnaby Art Gallery, BC and Kamloops Art Gallery, BC  2010
Mixed media on paper, 142’’ x 201’’ x 10’’, 1998

Sybil Andrews, Barbara Astman, Anne Meredith Barry, Ian Baxter,John William Beatty,Alistair Bell,Frederick Marlett Bell-Smith, Nora Bekhout, David Blackwood, Ronald L. Bloor, Therese Bolliger, Bob Boyer, Frank Leonard Brooks, Olga M. Burr, Sheila Butler, Patricia Campbell, Robert Campbell, Jane Cardinal-Schubert, Victor Cicansky, Robert Davidson, Fay C. Davis, Valerie Deacon, Gloria Elies, George Emms, Leonhard Epp, Gerald Etienne, Andy Fabo & Shelagh Keeley, Joe Fafard, Terry Fenton, Barbara Forbes, Yves Gaucher, Ted Goodwin, Rodney Graham, Gu Xiong, Laura Hargrave, Lawren S.Harris, Randolph S. Hewton, E.J. Hughes, A.Y.Jackson, Fred Johnson, Shelagh Keeley, Illingworth Kerr, Ann Kipling, Brian Kipping, Roy Kiyooka, Margaret Kobett-Sweetman, Moses Konnark, Cornelius Krieghoff, Donald Lawrence, Glenn Lewis, Ernest Lindner, Arthur Lismer, George Littlechild, Kenneth Campbel Lochhead, Jim Logan, Mary Longman, Al McWilliams, Steve mennie, Douglas Gibb Morton, Nihan Duc Nguyen, Marion Florence Nicoll, Ed Archie Noise Cat, Daphne Odijg, Toni Onley, Opie Oppenheim, Evangelista Pappas, Simon, Pewatualuk,  Walter J. Phillips, Joe Plaskett, Jane Ash Poitras, Leslie Poole, Mary Pratt, Richard Prince, Philippe Raphael, Mary Rosalind Robertson, Noboru Sawai, John Scott, Mary Scott, Trish Sellmer,  David Seymour, Loretta Seymour, Arnold Shives, Minn Siolseth, Gordon Smith, Ted Smith, Chief Henry Speck, Melanie Sidolph, Richard Storms, Takao Tanabe, Mary Thomas, Maureen, Thompson, Henry Tsang, Anne Vasajo, Bernie Van der Wal, Elizabeth Vander Zaag, Harvey Volaine, Ian Wallace, Bill Walton, Linda Walton, Tom Wicox, Ronald York Wilson, Alan Wood, Chris Woods, Dorothy Wright, Lauren Wuttunes, Alex Wyse, Jin-me Yoon, Lurence-Paul Yuxweluptun

Dressing Hair and Wounds, large scale works on paper, contain images constructed of a representation of a hair fragment, a chart of acupuncture points, and small, diagrammatic drawings, locating the acupuncture points within the body. These points signify surface markings through which pain may be relieved and a state of calm and balance created.