Therese Bolliger

Thingness in doubt, 2023

In the process of restructuring my library during the COVID  pandemic, I documented a seemingly exessive number of objects, documents, publications, found items within my familiar environment.
This ritualized, daily gesture continued over a period of 636  consecutive days, resulting in an accumulation approaching one thousand elements. 

Natural lighting conditions, visible in each recording, made the passage of time perceptible as  a unique temporal condition with each image.

The subtitle “Object lessons for things” frames a construct encompassing both -  definitions of things in  a philosophical context -  as well as conceptual  and psychoanalytic models of objects. An accompanying publication pairs a large number of  forms, invoking a sense of  doubt and an ongoing search to articulate new  meaning through a reconsidered frame of reference.

Thingness in doubt, 2023, inkjet on archival paper, 8.5” x 11.5”, each element of approximately 1000